Movies & Documentaries

Whether domesticating or foreignising in its approach, any form of audiovisual translation ultimately plays a unique role in developing both national identities and national stereotypes. The transmission of cultural values in screen translation has received very little attention in the literature and remains one of the most pressing areas of research in translation studies. Mona Baker and Braño Hochel (1997: 76)

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Natural Sciences

Communicating science can be a challenge - not everybody wants to be communicated to - for one thing, and also a lot of words with specialized Science Meanings also have regular meanings that are completely different. Let's, for example,

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Computing & IT

The beginning of the 21st century is marked with the rapid growth and development of information technologies. The use of modern IT-solutions in the production industry has led to a noticeable increase of its efficiency and overstepped geographic boundaries. At present time information technologies permeate almost into every aspect

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Art & History

iTranslate have specialized in the field of culture and art history.We respond to a need of researchers, museums, culture scene and tourism for a correct translation of the terminology in art history and history.This industry includes documents like: specialised books, doctoral dissertations,

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