Natural Sciences

Communicating science can be a challenge - not everybody wants to be communicated to - for one thing, and also a lot of words with specialized Science Meanings also have regular meanings that are completely different. Let's, for example,

see what 'Translate' means to you and a Genetic Scientist! Or the regular term "quantum leap" when used by a particle physicist or in the media. To translate sciences in general and natural sciences in specific, a translator must be familiar with all terms and expressions used in the field both in the source and target languages. Moreover, Natural Sciences develop everyday and new terms emerge with them too.

natural sciencesOn the other hand, seeing only facts in a scientific documents is not helpful! Presenting the same facts or scientific information must be written in different ways depending on the targeted audience. Presenting a scientific research to another scientest surely differes than when presenting it in newspaper to the general audience.

iTranslate, for these reasons and others, makes use of its talented, professional and specialized translators to convey scientific facts into the target audience's language and style. Assigning a translator to your scientific project means that translator is first a native speaker of the target language, second a specialized in the research field, and finally a professional at writing to the target audience.