Art & History

iTranslate have specialized in the field of culture and art history.We respond to a need of researchers, museums, culture scene and tourism for a correct translation of the terminology in art history and history.This industry includes documents like: specialised books, doctoral dissertations,

articles in the humanities, museum catalogues, exhibition catalogues,object and room texts in exhibition rooms,conference papers, articles in journals, art books and encyclopaedias, guidebooks to churches, castles or other historic monuments, illustrated books, travel guidebooks, prospectus, and more.


For a translator who wants to translate a specialized text in history, art or history of art or other humanities correctly must have specialist knowledge to:

  • to understand the related facts and to reproduce them correctly, and
  • to dominate the special vocabulary and to use it correctly.

For the second point specifically, most translators lack the knowledge necessary to accomplish an accurate translation. Such technical terms in art and art history or architectural history are often used in a mistaken way and thus the sense of the text is distorted. This does not only lead to problems of understanding on behalf of the reader, but also compromises your reputation. With iTranslate on your side, we'll help you to avoid this. Our team of translators has specialists in the field. This is testified by their own research and publications in several languages.